Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things that make me happy

  1. Walking barefoot in grass.
  2. Listening to good music in the car on the way to shopping.
  3. Taking a long hot shower.
  4. Getting up early before my family and enjoying the silence.
  5. fresh coffee smell. But I don`t drink it anymore.
  6. A good Book.
  7. The smell of fresh-cut grass.
  8. Watching the sunrise.
  9. Walking bare feet on the beach.
  10. Jumping on the trampoline.
  11. Watching the sunset.
  12. Hugging my child.
  13. Dark chocolate and good wine
  14. Good article with Internet Safety Tips for Parents
  15. A clean house.
  16. Singing in the shower
  17. Watching our children play.
  18. Taking my little one to the shops early in the morning
  19. Helping someone in need.
  20. Making someone smile.
  21. A nature walk.
  22. Laying back and watching the sky from the trampoline.
  23. Swimming in the water/Atlantic sea naked.
  24. Taking an afternoon nap.
  25. Watching your children on Christmas morning
  26. Watching the ocean.
  27. Having conversations with my daughter.
  28. Getting letters.
  29. Ben & Jerry's Ice.
  30. A long talk on the phone with a good friend.
  31. Seeing money on my account.
  32. When my kids say " I love you, Mummy"
  33. Taking a bath.
  34. A hot day in the shade.
  35. Rain after too many hot days.
  36. Snuggling together under the covers with a good read aloud book.
  37. Cooking for visitors.
  38. Classical music.
  39. Country music - I just love it.
  40. The smell of homemade bread.
  41. The first snow
  42. Swinging on a swing.
  43. An empty mailbox.
  44. kissing and hugging after the kids find their way to bed.
  45. The smell of lillys.
  46. My body lotion and facial products from truely fantastic

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